Restoration and Neoclassical Miscellanea

John Donne & the ‘Amorous Lady’ of Barbados

John Donne  1572–1631

While John Donne and the ‘Amorous Lady’ of the Barbados Gazette lived a hundred years apart, their poetry has much in common . . . a ” peculiar fusion of intellect and passion and the alert contemporariness which they aspired to in their own art” (Poetry Foundation).

Both Donne and the ‘Amorous Lady’ were criticized for not conforming to literary styles popular during their lifetimes, yet the poetry of each was widely circulated privately, in manuscript form, among small circles of admirers. No small accomplishment in London where small literary groups were composed of the most articulate and well-educated members of society.

Read more about Donne @ the  Poetry Foundation’s website. 

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