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Literary Critics Then and Now

Posted by: Jazmin Williams Major Literary Critics from the Restoration/Neoclassical Era Major Literary Critics of the 20th-Century            

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Mom! Swift’s Picking On Me!

Posted by: Riley Clark Unlike the common belief that Jonathan Swift was a lady-hater while he was alive, he was in fact the ladies’ man. Swift had one woman drooling … Continue reading

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“A Modest Proposal”: An Old Solution to a Modern Problem

Posted by: Elizabeth Vance Jonathan Swift’s essay has long been regarded as a satirical disquisition that parodies Swift as a humanitarian attempting to alleviate Ireland of its burdensome, impoverished citizens. … Continue reading

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Lady’s Dressing Rooms Haven’t Changed All That Much Since 1732

Posted by: Amy Warner What does Jonathon Swift know about modern make-up struggles? The answer is nearly everything. In his poem, “The Lady’s Dressing Room”, written in 1732, he discusses … Continue reading

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An Age of Criticism – Dryden and Pope: Raw Talent or Learned Skill

On Criticism and Genius Alexander Pope developed an appreciation for the art of criticism from an early age. It was his father who, “would assign verses to the little boy … Continue reading

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