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John Donne & the ‘Amorous Lady’ of Barbados

While John Donne and the ‘Amorous Lady’ of the Barbados Gazette lived a hundred years apart, their poetry has much in common . . . a ” peculiar fusion of intellect … Continue reading

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The ‘Anonymous Lady’

A series of poems by the ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Amorous’ lady were published in “The Barbados Gazette” between 1732 and 1738. Her identity is never revealed by the newspaper’s editor, however, … Continue reading

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Getting Dressed in the 18th Century

It took so long to get dressed in the 18th century that it’s a miracle any of these people ever left the house. See for yourself in this fascinating and … Continue reading

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Eat Thine Pantaloons: Satire Then & Now

Posted by Gabrielle Zitka Satire is an art of walking a thin line between ridicule, humor, irony, and social commentary. It can take the form of literature, songs, television shows, … Continue reading

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Literary Critics Then and Now

Posted by: Jazmin Williams Major Literary Critics from the Restoration/Neoclassical Era Major Literary Critics of the 20th-Century            

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Aphra Behn, Closet Abolitionist?

Posted by: Leah Avitabile “Love ceases to be a pleasure when it ceases to be a secret” – Aphra Behn Little is known of Behn besides her writing. Fortunately, her … Continue reading

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The Inspiration and Legend of Aphra Behn

You may have never heard of her, but the career of Aphra Behn was a turning point in the history of female authors. Although there were many female poets before … Continue reading

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An Age of Criticism – Dryden and Pope: Raw Talent or Learned Skill

On Criticism and Genius Alexander Pope developed an appreciation for the art of criticism from an early age. It was his father who, “would assign verses to the little boy … Continue reading

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The Educational Divide: Perspectives and Advice for the Modern Writer . . .

Courtesy of John Dryden and Alexander Pope John Dryden was formally educated, and like many people of means, may not have fully appreciated the advantages his education afforded him. Alexander … Continue reading

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Aphra Behn: Spy, Prisoner, Writer . . . Pioneer of Feminism.

“… faith, Sir, we are here to Day, and gone to Morrow.” — Aphra Behn, The Lucky Chance Behn’s Literary Impact In her time, Aphra Behn was mysterious and unique. … Continue reading

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Dryden and the Age of Satire

“Learn to write well, or not to write at all” Essay on Satire “Of all the tyrannies on human kind The worst is that which persecutes the mind” The Hind … Continue reading

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